What is Basic Bible 102?

Basic Bible 102

Basic Bible courses are designed for people who didn’t grow up in church, or forgot everything they learned. These courses work well for new believers, or seekers desiring to know more about the Bible as a whole. These studies are not indepth but rather cover the subjects in a holistic manner keeping in mind the context of the entire Bible. For anyone who has not had the opportunity to read through the Bible, these courses will provide an overview of the contents without getting bogged down in the details. While indepth Bible study is important, and encouraged, it can result in tunnel vision. Basic Bible courses provide a foundation to add perspective to more indepth studies.

The courses include a Leader’s Guide, a Student Workbook and lesson podcasts on iTunes. Each course includes section quizzes and a final exam. Additionally, you can email Margie with questions or to request the final exam. Answers to homework questions are included under the Student section of this website.